Description Edit

Whitepaw is a ginger and white she-cat with blue eyes.

History (long) Edit

Whitepaw is born as whitekit to Ebonyclaw, a echoclan queens and Snowberry, the echoclan medicine cat along with her two other sisters, duskpaw and dawnpaw. She and her sisters grew up not knowing her father, and just assuming her passed away before their birth.

Whitekit was the ignored kit of the three, as her sisters were identical and rumours about them that they would be the savour of the clan.

Whitekit sees a dead warrior in her dreams and hallucinations of the warrior in real life, but she never knew who she was until the warrior told the small kit her identity being graypetal, a cat from the place of no stars who died before her birth.

Greypetal was the cat who told whitekit to be a medicine cat apprentice, as whitekit became whitepaw and was apprenticed by Mudjaw.

Greypetal was also a mentor to whitepaw, teaching her to fight and convincing her to join the evil side. Greypetal told whitepaw that violence was the solution to get to her goal of being a medicine cat, as she finds out harming other cats makes her happy. Plus, being medicine cat can help her get away with stuff like murder.

So greypetal convinces whitepaw to kill her mentor, mudjaw blah blah im bored and lazy.

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