Description Edit

Moon is a half blinded, light grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes and black stripes.

History (long) Edit

Moon is born as Moonkit to Oceanripple and Mistywillow in aquaclan along with her two other sisters, Bloomingkit and Dandelionkit. She is looked after by Lavenderpool, a nursery tom while her mother was buy as deputy.

Being in Aquaclan doesn't last that long as she is stolen by charcoal and is brought to Spider's group. She renamed to Moon, and begins to be trained by the rogue group. Nothing really interesting happens in the rogue group, but she was known to be quite salty and a brave she-cat.

One day, spiders group is taken over by fox's group, as moon joins the newly formed group instead of running away.

About a moon later, she fights Yarrowclan along with the rogue group and gets partly blinded in battle, she runs of into a small tunnel, where she met Strawberry. Dispite not liking strawberry at first, she stays with Strawberry and her mother, Maple as her eye heals as her bond with Strawberry grows strong.

When moon has the option to leave and return to her rogue group, she stays with strawberry and then becomes mates with her. She then promises to defend Yarrowclan with Maple.

A good few moons later, while fighting along side yarrowclan, Lilypetal, a yarrowclan queen gives a kit with a twisted leg to Moon and strawberry, where strawberry cared for the tom and named him Icicle and Moon trained him.

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