Aquaclan Is one of the four clans. It is located near the Ocean, and the cats that live there specialise in swimming and catching fish. It got it's name from the ocean that lives beside it.

Description Edit

Aquaclan is one of the four clans. It borders hollyclan, And they normally hunt Fish from the river or Ocean. It was founded by Aquastar, One of the first leaders and is now lead by Oceanstar. The beach was chosen as their territory as it was what Aquastar was named after as a kit. They're known to be loyal cats, and sweet and caring and always happy to help, unless you get on their bad side, then they're pretty mean. dispite them being good swimmers, floods badly affect them since they live on the lower part of the cliff.

Aquaclan is seen mostly allied with Hollyclan, As seen in the The Echoclan and Aquaclan war, where Hollyclan helped defend Aquaclan.

Territory and camp Edit


The aquaclan camp is on the lower half of the cliff, located on the beach. it's known for the water that surrounds it, like the ocean, river and the waterfall. Landmarks in their territory include:

  • The Camp - The camp is a slightly hollowed out sand-pit with large, hollowed rocks surrounding it. it's bordered by the river, which protects the camp.
  • The Sea/Ocean - A large body of water, filled with all sorts of rocks, shells to decorate the camp. It even has fish, and rarely sharks.
  • The River - protects the camp from any attacks, since only Aquaclan cats have the ability to Swim. This is normally where the cats hunt their fish.
  • The Sandy-fields - A large field of sand, where people collect shells from the shore to decorate their camp or, for most uses, to train apprentices.

The camp is slightly hollowed out, and in the middle of the hollow is a tall, salt rock with the Aquaclan symbol carved onto it. Behind the rock, is three hollowed out rocks. On the left, lays the Nursery, the middle has the leaders den which is covered in seaweed. And last, on the right, is the medicine den which is also covered in seaweed and shells. On the right edge of the camp, is the Apprentices den, which is just bunch of nests surrounded by Cattail. On the left side, is a thick, fallen palm tree, which under it is where the elders sleep and on top of the sturdy tree is where the Warriors sleep.

In bad weather, like storms and rain, Aquaclan warriors, apprentices and elders all go inside either the nursery or medicine den, while the deputy stays with the leader.

Rank history Edit

Leaders Edit


Aquastar Fish
Fishstar chestnut, paleeyes
Palestar irispetal
irisstar blacktail, hazelclaw
Hazelstar brownear, gullwing
Gullstar goldenthorn, redrock and thornfur
Thornstar Mistywillow, oceanripple
Oceanstar owltalon, blizzardbrook

Deputies Edit

Name successor reason on leaving
Fish chestnut became leader
chestnut paleeyes retired
paleeyes irispetal became leader
irispetal blacktail became leader
blacktail hazelclaw died
hazelclaw brownear became leader
brownear gullwing died
gullwing goldenthorn became leader
goldenthorn redrock retired
redrock thornfur died
thornfur mistywillow became leader
mistywillow oceanripple died
oceanripple owltalon became leader
owltalon blizzardbrook retired
Blizzardbrook --------- N/A

Medicine cats Edit

Name apprentice
Comet clampaw
Clamshell squirrelpaw
Squirrelfang duckpaw
duckfeather Mistyleg
mistyleg sandpaw
sandrunner smallpaw
smallpurr beepaw
beewhisper sandypaw
sandybreeze oakpaw, sprucepaw
sprucebranch stumpypaw
stumpymoss chivepaw
chivehop brackenpaw
brackendapple carppaw

Current allegiances Edit

Name Description rank
Oceanstar A cream colored tabby tom with sky blue eyes Leader
Blizzardbrook A white tom with sky blue eyes and a few scars. Deputy
Brackendapple A dark blue-grey she-cat with white dapples and pale greens eyes. Medicine cat
Carppaw A grey she-cat with white spots and sky blue eyes. Medicine cat apprentice
Rosefish A brown she cat with a light pink head and tail with amber eyes Warrior
Mosstail A honey yellow tabby tom with green eyes. Warrior
dandelionbird A yellowish-gray tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes and white stripes warrior
Bloomingspirit A cream she-cat with white dapples and light green eyes. warrior
Fishface A black and white tom with blue eyes. warrior
Clovershine A white she-cat with brown dapples yellow eyes. warrior
Fernwhisker A brown tabby tom with amber eyes. warrior
Gravelpaw A grey and white tom with blue eyes. Apprentice
Cedarpaw A brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes Apprentice
Wildpaw A black and white tom with yellow eyes Apprentice
softpaw A white she-cat with forest-green eyes and black dapples on her back. Apprentice
Distantpaw A grey tom with blue eyes Apprentice
Birdheart A small, grey-blue she-cat with sky-blue eyes Elder
flowerfur A grey tom with black spots and light green eyes. Elder
Owltalon A dusky-brown tabby she-cat with pale-green eyes Elder
Featherclaw A beautiful, tortoiseshell she-cat with sky-blue eyes Queen
Graytail An ash coloured she-cat with amber eyes. Queen


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